Seeing is Believing


How does the way you view a problem affect how you would choose to solve that problem? Take for instance the place in which you work. If you were to think of that space as a prison, you may see problems through the lens of that type of thinking. If being at work is fun like being at the circus, you may solve problems in other ways. The first article below is about architects who rethinking the interior of a museum, bringing into focus areas which may have not been of highlighted before. With the focus being on the space, they created work differently than if they were focusing on the objects.


The second article is about building practices. Little robots work like termites to assemble blocks. How could the means in which you build something affect how you design the space?



Lastly, the third article is from the British Library which is about to open an exhibition on data visualization. There are many links inside this to different data visualizations. See how they influence what you think about the data.




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