The Catalyst for Curiosity

When creative people re-envision something for the rest of us, we become curious. Curiosity is spurred by a perceived knowledge gap. Once we understand that we don’t know something, we are often compelled to investigate a little – in an attempt to close that knowledge gap. The links below are of artists rethinking spaces. As we look at these spaces and how they don’t necessarily fit with our normal way of seeing these spaces, our curiosity is triggered. Thus, we begin to think about these spaces in new ways. From that, our archetypal understanding of them changes slightly. That’s what good art is supposed to do. The first link leads to an artist who recreated a fast food restaurant entirely of wood.

The second link is to a crowdsourcing project to build a different kind of pavilion. It incorporates the space of a lakeside park in a unique way.


After viewing either of these, does your abstract understanding of these spaces change slightly?

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