Gamify it!

To increase the usefulness of something, sometimes you just have to make it more fun. The definition of creativity is the production of something novel and useful. A newer version of a website, game, or service that people interact with more, is definitely more useful. Thus, it becomes a little more creative. Gamification is a popular trend among designers to incorporate qualities of game design to increase among intrinsic motivation in users. It can easily been seen in the difference in the original web designs, and web 2.0. Web 2.0 allows you to interact with sites by clicking buttons and things.

A simple way to gamify anything is to give people a way of interacting with whatever you’re making.

Inflatable lightup rings

There are a lot of theories on the topic, but many of the major principles of gamification are: conceptual challenges, productive failure, confidence building and equal accessibility. Think about how Candy Crush keeps you occupied for hours on end.

candy crush

 A site dedicated to making things fun is Fun Theory. Plenty of stuff here. They’ve even found a way to  make driving safe a game.

Speed Camera Lottery



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