Creativity and Innovation: Taking a Different Look

Iris Van Herpen is the creative designer behind many of Lady Gaga’s over-the-top fashion statements. Recently, she teamed up with Alexander McQueen to curate a magazine called, A Magazine Curated By. Their aesthetic definitely is a new look at an old medium.


Here’s What Happens When Iris Van Herpen, The Alexander McQueen Of Tech, Curates A Magazine

What about the head-shot? We see these everyday. Kaija Straumanis takes the term literally.


Redefining The Headshot: What We Can Learn From A Photographer’s Pictures Of Stuff Getting Thrown At Her Face

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh turned a challenge by Adobe into a game show. The challenge was to reinterpret the Adobe logo. Sagmeister has such an odd aesthetic to begin with, that everything he does deviates from the norm. Maybe these aren’t the most refined interpretations, but the process leads to thinking in new ways.


Sagmeister & Walsh Compete In A Gameshow To Re-Create Adobe’s Logo

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