Creativity and Innovation: Repurposing as a creative strategy

Try this some time—deck out your house with other people’s trash. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, but scarcity can be a real creative tool. We are so used to having plenty of options with materials and colors when it comes to designing. But maybe if we are stuck with a limited pool of resources, we might find ourselves more innovative. Here’s a case where a team of designers furnished a room totally with trash found on the streets.


This Room Was Furnished Entirely With Curbside Trash

In my classes, we often give students materials found in second hand stores to repurpose. It’s highly frustrating at first, but in the end, the results can be more interesting than when we are able to freely choose our materials. Scarti, is a line a jewelry made from the cross-sections of energy cable. Yes, that the stuff power companies lay underground to power your house.


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