Creativity and Innovation: Where’s technology going and what’s it going to do to us

This is my first post linked to Facebook. For those seeing my blog for the first time via Facebook, I’m a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design specializing in creativity. My book, “A Curious Path: Creativity in an age of abundance,” should be published in the fall. Additionally, I’m slowly becoming an art reviewer with articles to come out soon in Art Pulse Magazine. I’ll also be published this spring in an anthology on art critique called, “The Art of Critique.” My essay in that book is titled, “You’ve Got Talent.”

My goal as a blogger is to create interest in all things related to creativity and innovation – and of course to sell the book when it’s published. But the larger affair is to make more people aware that we live in an era in which you need to think to be competitive. Things change rapidly these days and those who aren’t effective at finding and solving problems will have a tough time. So the larger goal is to make people more curious. And that’s because curiosity is the fuel for creative behavior. It starts that easily.

If you appreciate any of these posts, please share them. As a blogger, I’m a curator of sorts. I scour blogs and websites to find interesting articles that related to each other and are associated with creativity and innovation. I make a few short comments, and that’s it.

Today’s Post:

The main reason we live in an age of abundance is technology. And it’s also the reason we need to be creative to survive. The brute force things that once kept us employed will soon be automated. The curve of innovation since the industrial revolution is on an exponential rise. It’s hard to fathom what life will be like in even the near future, but we can guess. Michio Kaku’s new book does just that.


The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku, review

And the internet is pretty much everywhere now, so why can’t it be everywhere in the future.


The Internet Will Be Everywhere In 2025, For Better Or Worse

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