Creativity and Ideation: In the ideation phase, weirder the better

Creative people often appear to have better insight into what’s cool than others. Many times that’s because they spend large quantities of time playing with seemingly useless ideas. Too often when designing new products, we focus on usefulness too soon. If your R & D is too much about the D and not enough about the R, you’ll be stuck with short range development at the end of the market curve. In the ideation stages of creative development, nothing is useless. That’s because our subconscious mind constantly takes those crazy ideas and re-associates them. The end product must be useful. But the inspirational ideas don’t.

Daniel Simon is a design who obviously spends a lot of time on designing useless things. But in the end, his products are incredibly useful. He’s designed for Bugatti, Lotus and was the concept designer for the movie Tron.

Cosmic Motors

Here’s his design for ICETRAIN, a ground-patrol vehicle of gigantic scale to cross the plateaus of frozen ice planet Nala.

Lotus Motorcyles C-01

Think that’s useless, check out his 2014 Lotus C-01.

Daniel Simon's Film Work

Here’s another design that’s over the top.

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