Creativity and Innovation: Technology is the medium, and the message is clear

Creative destruction is a Marxist term adapted to our modern era. At the core, it is about the effects of capitalism and how it affects the distribution of wealth. Used in a similar way in more recent times by people like Alan Greenspan, it has become a fairly well know term related to economics. More commonly now though, it gets thrown around when describing the nature of competition in contemporary creative fields. Each time something is improved, something else falls to the waste side.

Almost every day, I come across a new video filmed from a drone. What’s most interesting to me is how this technology is quickly changing the way see. The fluidity in how they  transition from one area to the next is mesmerizing.

Flying with a drone into an incredibly huge ice abyss in Alaska

Here’s another one.

This Drone Footage of an Erupting Volcano Is Absolutely Nuts

It’s not only how we view things that’s changing, it’s also what we are able to view. This is all very interesting, especially if you are a grip on a film crew. Why, because drones don’t need anyone to hold a boom. Also, the expectation that everyone films in this manner will soon pervade the film industry. Just like linear perspective did to Giotto, drones will do to films created by someone holding a camera. The new aesthetic will be accepted by the public as being good, and thus we’ll get more of it.

In the early Renaissance, Giotto was the deal. But as soon as Massacio used linear perspective in his Holy Trinnity, the game changed. As the space in the new style of painting was so convincingly receding, people became immediately aware that Giotto’s paintings were flat. Giotto’s painting is on the left.

Giotto_-_Scrovegni_-_-36-_-_Lamentation_(The_Mourning_of_Christ)   Masaccio-Trinity

Competition is good, but it has casualties. To maintain your edge, be sure that you aren’t holding on to proven methods for nostalgic reasons.

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