Be More Creative, Starting…Now!

Be More Creative, Starting…Now!

Now is the best time to be more creative. This sounds kind of obvious. But what I mean is that you should start working on creative projects as soon as you get them. When I lived in Baltimore, I’d always ask my neighbor John (a master carpenter) to help me with repairs around the house. Each time he’d say, “Let’s do it now.” In John’s mind, if you do everything now, burdensome tasks aren’t hanging over head, sucking up your brain power. And that’s very true. Doing things now enables one to escape the depression that sets in with looming deadlines.

But another side of doing things now is that the sooner you start something, the sooner the creative process begins. Once you engage any kind of creative process, the cogs in your subconscious brain start turning. The subconscious brain doesn’t worry about rationality, so it creates a bunch of crazy associations from all the recent information you’ve been absorbing. The more time you give it, the more bizarre associations it has time to make.

The products of these associations are moments of insights, epiphanies, or aha-moments. If you wait until a project is almost due, you limit the ability of your brain to make associations. Therefore, you limit your ability to generate creative ideas.

So, whatever it is, start it now.

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