The New Instagram for Doctors Targets the Innovation Gap

The New Instagram for Doctors is an Exemplar of Opportunistic (Creative) Thinking


Dr. Josh Landy saw an opportunity when he noticed Doctors sharing images in a collaborative effort to learn from one another. What has now become dubbed the Instagram for Doctors” is a file sharing app that exploits the gap between new and old social media offerings. For the most part, doctors were sending images to each other to share case studies and ask questions. But there was always a privacy issue and the collective images weren’t being stored for future use. Now, using the newly established model of an Instagram-like app, doctors have a new repository for learning and sharing.

Figure 1, available at the app store or Google Play, is a perfect example of the opportunistic style of thinking I described in a previous post, To Be More Creative Find Opportunities, Not Problems. To find opportunity, look to recent innovations. There is always a gap between what exists and what could exist. Now the gap for opportunity is on both sides of Figure 1. How about an Instagram for other domains? Or, how about a more specific way for surgeons in the ER to communicate through a secure form of social media that doesn’t tramp on patient rights? I don’t know about you, but I’d like for my physician to get help from others if he/she were unsure.

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