Four insights from Kevin Carroll’s lecture

Four insights from Kevin Carroll lecture

Last week, I had the privilege of introducing Kevin Carroll to a packed auditorium of students and faculty. Rarely have I seen a speaker maintain the focus of hundreds of students for that long a time. They even stayed through the entire Q & A session. He brought down the house. If your company is looking for an inspirational speaker for creativity and innovation, I strongly recommend Kevin. His story is incredibly engaging, and he is definitely a positive agent of change. His website is here.

A few memorable lines from Kevin are:

  • A closed mouth don’t get fed: speak up for yourself if you want someone to listen.
  • Haters are my motivators: let the pessimism of others inspire you to act.
  • Be a catalyst – an excitatory agent that speeds up or changes a process, help others change their ideas into reality
  • Be a doer, not a talker: a lot of us talk about making a difference. But few of us actually go a head and do it.

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