A Time of Transition: Thanks to SCAD and Hello to GRU


Today marks a time of transition for me. I’m leaving my friends and colleagues at SCAD to become Chair of the Art Department at Georgia Regents University (GRU).

For the past ten years, I’ve had a great ride as a member of the SCAD community. It’s a highly energetic organization filled with wonderfully creative people, from top to bottom. I’ve built some of my fondest memories there. As an entity, I can only think it will continue to rise in recognition and popularity. My friends and mentors at SCAD are too many to mention. And I wish to thank you all for the wonderful times we had.

To the students at SCAD, I can’t say enough. You are extraordinarily inspirational. SCAD students are like no other. You come from all over the globe and are inspired to innovate any field you enter. I’ve never see work ethic like theirs before. To all of you, please keep in touch.

As of July 1, I’ll begin a new adventure at GRU in Augusta, GA. Probably, many of you have never heard of GRU, so I’ll give you a little back story. In 2012, GRU was formed as a merger of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University. It was part of a larger effort by the state of Georgia to consolidate the colleges and universities within the state. With an overall enrollment of about 8,500 students, it’s one of four public comprehensive public research institutions in the state of Georgia. The overall goal for the university is to become a top tier research institution.

I’ve been charged with developing a creative community known nationally and internationally as being a leader in the fields of art and design. While there is a lot of building to do, the foundation is already in place. The existing faculty and administration are exceptional. We just have to set the right vision and be disciplined in how we grow. I’m really excited to become part of the GRU family. In the coming years, the art department will be building its brand as a leader in 21st century art education.

Look for updates as we chronicle our journey from merger to leader. And if you have any advice or comments, I’m open.

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